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'Shabet on Air' EP21

[130522] Ah Young to play Yuri’s friend in the movie ‘No Breathing

Dal★Shabet’s Ah Young has been cast for the upcoming film ‘No Breathing’.

Ah Young will play the role of Sae Mi, who is Jung Eun’s (Yuri) friend who dreams of becoming a singer. 

A representative revealed that Ah Young was cast because, “In her past two productions, ‘Advertisement Genius Lee Tae Baek' and 'Jang Ok Jung’, she caught the viewers eyes with her acting skills through characters with a lot of individuality and color, so we decided to cast her in this film. We look forward to Ah Young giving vitality to the film and acting out her colorful role of Sae Mi.”

Ah Young also dished on her thoughts, commenting, “It is an honor to work with such outstanding directors, staff, and sunbaenims for my first film. I will work hard to bring out Sae Mi’s charms and act out the character properly. I ask for your love and support.”

With her casting, Ah Young now joins Yuri, Lee Jong Suk, and Seo In Guk in ‘No Breathing’, which tells the story of love and rivalry among competitive swimmers.

Dal★Shabet is also planning to join the girl group comeback rush this June, so you’ll get to see even more of Ah Young soon!

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