Dal★Shabet is a six member South Korean girl group under Happy Face Entertainment, a company exclusively created and owned by famous producing team E-TRIBE. The members include Serri, Ah Young, Jiyul, Woohee, GaEun & Subin.

This tumblr is dedicated to posting information on everything Dal★Shabet!

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'Shabet on Air' EP21

[140823] Dal★Shabet attending ‘Korea & China Motor Sports Festival’

[140822] Ah Young’s Instagram Update.

"Please watch #TheNightWatchman and send me your #Strength"

[140822] ‘Bubble Gum Blowing Challenge!’ (Subin)

[140822] Serri’s Twitter Update.

"I’m a girl that works out,
I’m a girl that likes to move.

Darling, would you like to exercise with me~?”

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