Dal★Shabet is a six member South Korean girl group under Happy Face Entertainment, a company exclusively created and owned by famous producing team E-TRIBE. The members include Serri, Ah Young, Jiyul, Woohee, GaEun & Subin.

This tumblr is dedicated to posting information on everything Dal★Shabet!

'Shabet on Air' EP10

[140416] ‘Share House’ EP01 w/ Dal★Shabet’s Woohee. (Full Episode + HD)

[140417] Promotional poster for ‘9 to 6 (Season 2)’

[140416] Woohee’s cast photo for ‘Share House’

[140416] Serri’s Twitter Update.

"A refreshing drink can help long after filming for a CF."

[140416] Dal★Shabet’s Facebook Update.

Today is the first broadcast of ‘Share House’ ♥ I can do this!!!!! 9PM!!! O’live Channel!!!!

[140416] Ah Young’s Twitter Update.

"ㅠㅠThanks a lot Darling, I’m Spidergirl♡"

[140416] ‘Shabet on Air’ - ‘CF Shooting Behind Cut 1’

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